Trade Mark: Panda

General Manager: Abdo Al Jobeh

Contact Person: Abdo Al Jobeh

Short Description: Panda is one of the outstanding Palestinian companies working in the field of children's shoes. Panda relies on the best types of importednatural leather for production.

Panda offers a wide range of products to its customers, including the formal comfort shoes, in addition to winter boots and summer sandals, they provide all of what the child needs from shoes throughout the year.

Panda products are specialised by high quality with modern and attractive designs which the company invests in most, the effortsof their expertise are always at high levels in order to achieve satisfaction and admiration of consumers.

History: Panda history dates back to the early 90s when Abdo Al Jobeh worked in the shoe industry from 1990, then in 1996 he started a small workshop with his brother Nehad and produced girls shoes, after that in 2000 they expanded their work and produced women’s and boys shoe in addition to producing girls shoes and was selling to customers in Israel, in 2011 they introduced women’s comfort slippers. 

Vision & Mission: The company looks to reach new markets outside Palestine, and to improve its performance in production.

Experience: Specialize in Girls and boys footwear.

Contact Us
Address Al Manshar, Hebron, Palestine
Website panda.hlsc.ps
Tel No 02291569
Mobile 0599523068 | 0599876128
Fax No 02291569
Email pandaco.group@gmail.com
Branch Name City Address Tel No
panda Beit Shemesh Beit Shemesh